New Mexico Restaurant Association Hospitality Industry Awards


Congratulations to all the winners of the New Mexico Restaurant Association Hospitality Industry Awards! Below is everyone who got a photo booth picture with their award!

Brian Bailey of Domino’s Team Bailey won Restaurant Neighbor of the Year.

Restaurant Neighbor of the Year: Brian Bailey of Domino’s Team Bailey

Red River Brewing Company in Red River, New Mexico won Brewery of the Year.

Brewery of the Year: Red River Brewing Company in Red River, New Mexico

Chef Michael White of The Point Grill in Rio Rancho, New Mexico won Chef of the Year.

Chef of the Year: Chef Michael White of The Point Grill in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Three Rivers Brewery in Farmington, New Mexico won Distillery of the Year.

Distillery of the Year: Three Rivers Brewery in Farmington, New Mexico

Steve Silva of Anaheim Jacks in Ruidoso, New Mexico won Manager of the Year.

Manager of the Year: Steve Silva of Anaheim Jacks in Ruidoso, New Mexico