What makes Photobooth Rentals of New Mexico different from other companies?


I get this question a lot:

“What makes Photobooth Rentals of New Mexico different from other companies?”

My answer is always the same. We’re photo booth professionals! Yes, there is such a thing! We’ve been in the business since 2008, and have a lot of experience under our belts. I can’t tell you how many scrapbooks I’ve assembled over the course of 6 years, but I can tell you I’ve gained a special skill for the art form. And, it’s not just me. Our photo booth coordinators and scrapbook-builders are the best in the biz! Check out this scrapbook page made by Alicia, one of our most experienced scrapbook artists (for a wedding, we always feature the newlyweds on the first page.)

Not only are we artistic, but we constantly manage what is happening at an event. You wouldn’t think it, but keeping a prop table tidy is a formidable task! And, what about trying to get 4 people into that tiny booth? We can help you do that too! Yes, traditional booths are a tight fit, but we know how to make it work.

For those looking for a different photo booth experience, we also offer an “open-air” photo booth, which can fit a lot of people into the shots. “The Strip,” our brand new open-air photo booth, not only allows for more people into a picture, but it can print up to 12 strips at a time! Everyone in the picture below received a copy!

So, when you’re comparing photo booth rental companies for your next event, remember that it’s not just the photo booth you’ll be experiencing, but the people that come with it as well!

Leave it to the professionals…Photobooth Rentals of New Mexico. You’re gonna have A TON of fun, we guarantee it!

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